5 Reasons you need a Property Management Company

5 Reasons you need a Property Management Company

If you're thinking about investing in rental properties, congratulations! Owning rental properties can be a great way to generate passive income and build long-term wealth. However, being a landlord can be challenging. Managing rental properties effectively requires a lot of time, effort, and expertise. That's where a property management company can help. In this blog post, we'll discuss five compelling reasons why you need a property management company for your rental properties.

Your Property Manager should have the experience you need to make it easier.

At SNL Realty and Rentals, we have the experience to handle all aspects of property management. We cover you, from advertising your rental property to screening tenants, coordinating lease agreements, rent collection, and maintenance. Our property management team has years of experience in the industry and staysup-to-date with changing regulations and laws to ensure compliance and protect your investment.

As a landlord, it's essential to understand the types of property management services available and what to look for when choosing a property management company. Not all property management companies will provide the same services. SNL Realty and Rentals is a full-service property management company which means we do everything, including sending you the rent check each month. All you need to do is hire us, and we’ll take care of the rest for you.

If you’re looking for the easiest way to become a landlord, you should partner with a qualified, experienced property management team. Self-management can save you a little money, but it comes with the potential for many headaches. Plus, your property management fees are tax-deductible business expenses.

Property Managers can find better-quality tenants for you

Attracting high-quality tenants is critical to successful property management over the long term. We have a proven track record of finding good, well-qualified tenants quickly, so you have less downtime with empty homes and more revenue in your pocket. We screen all potential tenants, including running their credit history and verifying their income. By finding high-quality tenants, we can help minimize tenant turnover and reduce the risk of eviction and legal issues, making life more profitable and less stressful for you.

Your property manager handles rent collection for you

Managing rent collection and financials for rental properties can be time-consuming and challenging. We take all aspects of rent collection, including late fees and financial management. We keep detailed records of all income and expenses and provide regular financial statements to keep you informed.

Property managers ensure you’re legally compliant

Compliance with local and state regulations and laws is essential for successful property management. We handle all legal aspects of property management, including lease agreements, tenant rights, eviction proceedings, and more. Our team stays updated with Arizona's legal changes to ensure our owners comply with new or revised laws.

Your property manager handles maintenance and repair requests for you

Maintenance requests and property repairs are part of life when you’re a landlord. They will happen, and often it’s at the most inconvenient time. At SNL Realty and Rentals, we have a team of repair specialists that we’ve vetted and used for years that we can trust to get the job done quickly and for the best price possible. Having trusted repair services and tradespeople is a big help when you’re faced with a leaking shower or AC blowing hot air, not cold on the weekend.

We manage all repair requests, verify issues, coordinate repairs, and pay the vendors. We’ll let you know what’s happened and send you an invoice. If you have a home warranty on the property, we’ll also contact the warranty company on your behalf.

The property management company’s job is to make your life easier

Owning rental properties can be a significant investment, but there can be many moving parts, and if we’re being sincere, stress is involved when trying to manage them yourself. You can save a little money, but trade that for your time and peace of mind. Hire a trusted property management company like SNL Realty and Rentals to manage your rental homes in Tucson, AZ, and let us improve your life as a landlord. We’re here to help you.

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